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    Human rights emanate from our humanity and are based in Natural Law. Human rights are not subject to governments or constitutions. That is why our constitution “recognizes” all people as being free and equal. Government cannot grant human rights because human rights pre-exist.

    Civil rights are derived from human rights and are framed within law under government authority. Civil rights frame political and social freedoms.

    Regardless of race or ethnicity, gender, a person’s national origin, religion, age, ability or disability, and sexual orientation, every person deserves equal protection from the government or otherwise to pursue life in liberty.

   I am a Pro-Life man who believes that the life of unborn Americans is protected by the Constitution of the United States. I believe in the vast majority of cases where pregnancy occurs the choice Americans have is whether or not to use contraception responsibly and/or whether or not to have sex. I do not believe the government has control over any person’s body including the unborn. However in the discussion of the woman’s choice to birth or destroy a child belonging to both her and the father and the innocent unborn person’s very life, we as a civilized people must choose life. In my mind the exception is when medically verfied evidence exists that aborting a child is the only way to save the mother's life.

    Marriage is an institution that predates both the Church and the State by millennia. It is defined explicitly by natural law, biology and the gender binary nature of homosapiens. Marriage provides for children, protects women and civilizes men. The State is on record as having a vested interest in regulating marriage because families create and give life to the State through marriages and children. The State does not create families.

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