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Statesmen Not Politicians


"Politicians pursue power; Statesmen seek service." ~ Christopher L. Carter


   The founding fathers envisioned a citizen government which was designed to replace a tyrannical king. It was considered a great honor to be able to serve others in a capacity such as this. Imagine a congress full of servants whose motive and intent was to represent the actual will of the common people from a posture and attitude of service utilizing just the necessary public funds to get the job done and no more. Now that is the audacity of hope.

Power, Prestige and Position

   In the mind of some a politician is defined as a person seeking power for personal gain and perhaps for the benefit of a select group of special interests. These people bind themselves together in a common goal and too often do not consider the deprecation their actions bring on the majority who have been abandoned by their deeds. This behavior is nothing new. History exhaustively records the behavior of such dastards who sink to new lows by absconding public funds then redirecting them for their own benefit or worse, into their own pockets. These men seek the basic things men of malintent have always sought: power, prestige and position. They want access to public monies, press coverage, junkets and personal attention. It almost sounds like I’m describing thrill seekers. Maybe I am.

   A statesman’s motives are not centered on personal gain alone, and a statesman genuinely cares about making public policy that actually works. If public funds are to be utilized in a state-sponsored program, then statesmen can both articulate how and why the policy is good and how it will work. Public servants cannot run from their records. What they say publicly and how they vote builds a picture of who they are.


   The public outcry against an ever expanding government has reached new heights since the election of Barak Obama. A President who was improperly vetted during his campaign of 2008 and his party have now shown us who they truly are. Expanding government control over the lives of people is not American. Liberty, freedom and self-determination always has and always will be truly American.

   We’ve witnessed in the last 5 years how both the Legislative and Executive branches of government provide plenty of lip service about how to change but come up suspiciously short when it becomes time to actually change.

   Change is not change until it changes… ~ Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

   I’ve become convinced there is no way to break the gridlock other than vote these people out, no matter which party they’re from, and put people in office, willing to serve and make meaningful change. This cannot be done without identifying who they are. That should be easy, just look at their voting records. What they do speaks so loud we can't hear what they say. I’m of the opinion we should draw these people from the private sector. They have real world experience at solving problems, are not indentured politicians, in many cases care deeply about their country and its people and many have no desire for decades long political careers. Indeed, this is precisely why I have chosen to run for Congress.

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