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   We have to protect and save Social Security. The problem is under the current system the math doesn’t work. The fund is going to run dry in the not too distant future due to the so called “Baby Boomer” generation retiring all within a compressed timeframe. Social Security "is not"  an Entitlement. It is a government controlled pension fund into which you and I are required to contribute. With government raiding the fund in the past and failing to replenish it coupled with out-of-control government spending and poor economic growth we’ve straddled our children and grandchildren with a debt they cannot pay.


   For many Americans (I am one of them) there is only about .75 cents on the dollar available in the fund at retirement and even that will keep shrinking. In perspective that means you and I are forced by government to invest in a fund THEY can raid at will and that is shrinking by 25% over the long term. If it were an investment traded in the open market I would have sold it long ago and taken my losses. However government continues to force Americans to make a bad investment that is constantly losing money at a rate of 25%. We’ve put Wall Street shysters in prison for mismanaging portfolio’s in the same way yet government gets a pass.


I will fight for ways to reform Social Security so it can really work for those Americans who depend on it.

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