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National Security, Our Border and Immigration


How do you define sovereignty if a nation cannot defend its own borders?

   Regardless of whether current illegal immigrants are nationalized the aftermath is inescapable. We have to control our own borders. A failure to do so ultimately leads to the demise of our nation and way of life. The word sovereignty includes the idea of absolute control over a geographical region with boundaries. A demonstrated inability to do so is a sign of weakness and subsequent failure of the Republic. I believe we have to close the borders “first” and subsequently demonstrate that closure has in fact been effective. In my mind this is a first and exclusive tenet to the larger question of immigration reform.

   The rights of American Citizens to have their laws enforced must be recognized. A failure to do so is not only a constitutional crime but demonstrates a lack of respect for the American people and the rule of law. Within the larger immigration debate not nearly enough attention is provided for the plight of American Citizens who’ve continually endured our porous borders as their security is threatened while they pay the bills for self-authorized illegal nationals living in the U.S.

“First let them be proved...”

   For a foreign national, citizenship must be “earned” not given. We as people respect and honor that which costs us something. Citizenship is a privilege extended to those desiring entrance into a country governed by law. A citizen candidate must prove themselves worthy of the American experiment by accepting our language, economic ideals and laws while swearing a written and verbal oath in the process. Anything less is disingenuous. These are decisions made in the heart and mind which take time to appreciate. Instantaneous citizenship is dichotomous to this appreciation. However it is attainable by “first” demonstrating a long term commitment to Americanism before naturalization can occur.

   Our military fighting force is an all-volunteer force. I am amazed and grateful by the bravery of men and women who volunteer to defend our nation. Many have shed blood, sustained injuries and also made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom. A strong at-the-ready military properly equipped and trained is paramount for America to maintain its leadership on the world stage.

   The Second Amendment to the Constitution performs a fundamental purpose in our nation, that being protecting a law abiding Citizens right to defend their home, persons and property. It was written in keeping with an enduring theme throughout the genesis of our government, that being the human right of self-determination. We can do more in areas of gun safety training, mental health care and parenting to impact the illicit use of guns in our society. Incremental gun confiscation is not only unconstitutional it will never work.

“A criminal willing to commit a crime with a gun is not worried about committing a crime to obtain one.” ~ Christopher Carter

“Criminality is defined as anyone who believes they are a law unto themselves and acts to violate the civil and human rights of others.” ~ Christopher Carter


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