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IRS and Tax Reform

“A prison is anything that physically controls you or financially controls you.” ~ Christopher Carter

   Increasingly the Internal Revenue Service is being granted more and more power over the lives of Americans. Their power to investigate, fine and punitively control people’s lives is unprecedented. Now with ObamaCare they’ve been empowered to control our very health.

   This country was founded because of government tyranny related to confiscation of the people’s hard earned wealth. While as citizens of the United States we’ve formed a government for the common defense which does require public monies sufficient to accomplish the task in a modern era, the out of control spending of government and the nearly unbridled enforcement arm of the IRS has crossed judicially pre-established lines of tyranny.

I would favor a flat rate tax and/or a form of taxation that collects revenue when money is spent rather than earned. This puts more power and control in the hands of the citizenery and out of the government. When tax rates on income begin to exceed 20%  economies tend to feel the "head-winds" against growth.

We could provide exemptions (through refunds or other means) for those living near the poverty line. With taxation on spending rather than income, the so called "black market" economy would be taxed when the income is spent domestically.

Imaging how much time, money and effort could be reclaimed annually in America by eliminating the enormous bureaucracy of the IRS. Americans should not have to "fear" their government and the power now being leveraged through the IRS.

   I will join the fight to reform our method of taxation so that it lowers taxes while meeting the needs of our common defense and public service requisites.

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