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   The A.C.A. (Affordable Care Act) also known as ObamaCare is completely “unaffordable”. The math surrounding it may have worked on paper but only at the unprecedented cost of American liberty. This is an idea I think the architects of the A.C.A. either deliberately ignored or failed to see due to a socialist ideaology. Americans are showing they are unwilling to donate yet more of their liberty and freedom to a government buracracy. Not only has ObamaCare done little or nothing to actually lower the cost of healthcare we now know it is having the complete opposite effect. ObamaCare was intended to insure the uninsured by having other Americans pay for it. This is a “Socialist” political philosophy embraced by leftists and has failed in virtually every society in which it has been tried.

   Three years into the ObamaCare train wreck the same failure is happening in America. No surprise there. Government enterprise is never “enterprising” largely because it must be driven by tax increases and redistribution of wealth. ObamaCare was never intended to lower healthcare costs. It was only intended to find ways in paying for the exorbitant and habitually rising cost of healthcare through redistribution of wealth.

   One falsehood after another has been perpetrated by leftist politicians in regard to ObamaCare beginning with then Speaker Nancy Pelosi's idiotic statement, “we have to pass the law in order to see what is in it” to amending the law unconstitutionally by the Executive branch. This has been done against the will of a majority of Americans bypassing their duly elected “co-equal” Legislative branch called Congress and is an egregious and profane act by the Obama Administration requiring long and expensive litigation through the courts. Never before in my lifetime have I witnessed such a frightening distortion of Americanism and assault on personal liberty as I have witnessed in the creation and implementation of ObamaCare.

Proven ideas to address the American HealthCare services problem… 

  1. The A.C.A. must be scrapped and replaced with proven market based solutions. Insurance companies must be liberated to sell their products across state lines and be competitive. This will help lower insurance costs.
  2. Below certain income levels government subsidies could/should be provided to assist those now without adequate health insurance.
  3. While our legal system is paramount in helping to maintain a balance of quality service in all kinds of American business we simply must take another realistic look at the costs of healthcare based litigation, bringing all parties to the table in discussions about what we can do collectively.
  4. Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) are an excellent idea and provide a private citizen based free market solution to paying for health care. I personally have an HSA. An HSA account holder is incentivized to put health care dollars into their account annually through tax reduction savings and can then utilize the funds during the year to augment paying for health care costs.
  5. Insurance was designed to cover large expenses in the event a mishap occurs in life. It's a business of statistical odds. If no mishap occurs the insurance company gets to keep the premiums you paid. However, insurance companies adopted policies preventing people with pre-existing conditions or chronic conditions from obtaining proper coverage. This should be a requirement for healthcare policies if achieved in a free market fashion.
  6. Many of these ideas are included in the Republican Alternative to ObamaCare called "The Patient Care Act" sponsored by Senators Richard Burr of North Carolina, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, and Orrin Hatch of Utah .

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