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   The suffering education system in America is predominately a symptom of suffering families. Families are the basis of all things American and comprise the basic “mortar” binding America together. If the foundation is faulty the entire building will fail. Successful education begins at home with the parents or parent if you are a full time single parent as I was. The relationships built there extend to the classroom and facilitate healthy attention spans, goal setting and basic respect and obedience.

“There are two kinds of obedience in the world, forced obedience and inspired obedience. Which would you rather have?” ~ Christopher Carter

   Inspired obedience is better and is what we want. To provide better education for America’s children we must start with ourselves, being role models and examples that inspire young people. This will cost us something personally but is the responsibility of parenting. The State is the parent’s partner in education being subject to the desire of parents to educate and raise their children as productive members of society, contributing to community and benefiting from work, innovation and entrepreneurship.

   Any organizations or influence not putting the above two principles ahead of all other concerns for America’s children can only serve to detract, diminish and forestall educational success.

   Educational success must be meritorious for educators and that achievement needs to be faithfully and prosperously rewarded.

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