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  Economies typically cycle due to a variety of factors which include social and governmental. During one of the largest economic downturns in American history, brought on largely by discrete corporate colossus and over regulation, the Obama Administration has continued to push a socialist agenda fueled by excessive tax increases, government regulation and borrowed spending. This has driven the national debt to over $17,000,000,000 and growing (That’s $17 Trillion Dollars), an unprecedented debt toll in American history. Five trillion dollars ($5,000,000,000)  or 30% of the entire National debt has been created in less than 6 years by one man’s Presidency and the tax and spend politicians.

  We have mortgaged our grand children’s future. Debt, excessive taxation and over regulation are a major head wind to jobs and economic growth. Government has grossly mismanaged our money.

 Pay off the National Debt: The "Penny Plan"

We could reduce (Actual) spending by 1% per year over 6 years or so while continuing to pay down the National Debt. The reason this will work so well is because it is calculated using a zero baseline growth in spending. This means it's a "real" reduction. Every year when Congress debates this they fail to mention the budgets are raised 7% annually. Then they proceed to debate how much of the increase they will “cut”. The dialogue sounds like a “cut” to the public but it is really a debate on how much of the increase they will not authorize. The “net” of that compromise is the spending increase year over year. The difference in tax revenue and what Congress ends up spending is “borrowed” against the National Debt which is why that number continues to spiral out-of-control. 

"People hire people who solve problems..." ~ Christopher Carter

   When businesses are unburdened to innovate and incentivized to grow they hire workers. When demand for workers rises wages rise with the demand.

    Government is an illegitimate job creator because it does not survive solely on the profits from the creation of quality products and services derived through customer satisfaction. Government instead taxes the citizen if it needs more revenue rather than improve the product or service to increase sales as does the private sector. This raises taxes along with excessive entitlements that have grown out of control. Solyndra and other failed government loan/giveaways are a shining example of how corrupt and inept Government is at managing business when profitability is secondary to political agendas and idealism.

  I will join the fight to cut wasteful spending and taxes as well as excessive government regulation while improving necessary in-place services for Americans. This will fuel innovation, entrepreneurship and job growth especially among small businesses.

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