Political pundits are winding up in rare fashion as the mid-term election season enters full swing. There is no lack of commentary, partisanship, finger pointing and the like, the Obama Administration scandals being at the top of the heap. For those who enjoy a good political competition this is an exciting season, however for others, not so much. I’m talking about the citizens themselves.

   Let’s go back to 2008 when there was a huge swath of American voters who were told that real “Hope and Change” had come. They believed it. I for one have not forgotten the “exuberance” demonstrated by so many about the first African American President, (a historical great thing for sure) and the promises made about “the most transparent administration ever”. We were introduced to terms like, “redistribution of wealth” back in those days and “fundamental transformation”. All of these grandiose promises from someone with not even one full term as Senator and no private business experience of any kind. In fact, he was an activist by anyone’s definition straight from the halls of academia.

  My mentor once said, “Educational institutions are by very definition removed from reality.” Education is great but it’s not the real world. As an engineer and software systems designer I know. We don’t trust a system until we’ve thrown the test switch and actually watch it do what it claimed it could do on paper. The problem with the left’s political promises is the people didn’t get what they thought they were buying in 2008 or 2012. And now, voters are suffering from “Citizen Fatigue”. They’re worn out from the politics as usual, one broken promise after another and out-and-out lies.

  The country has real problems, joblessness remains chronic, citizen liberty continues to shrink and foreign countries now test us with increasing boldness while so many promises the political left has made go unfulfilled. Why? I think that much of the problem lies in the extreme left’s ideology and they took over the Democratic Party long ago. They are sincere about what they believe but when executed the results have been tepid at least if not completely disastrous as in Obamacare. There is a fundamental lack of sociology that goes into their law making.

Our crisis of leadership continues. This leadership must be replaced come November and in 2016 with leaders who actually have a spine, know how to balance a checkbook and can lead by example. The people we have now? What they do speaks so loud we can't hear what they say.