To possess "sovereignty" a nation cannot only claim but should also be able to demonstrate supreme power over a geographical area, territory or landmass such as a continent. Sovereignty can be resident in the power to create and enforce law within that boundary, geographical area or territory made by political policy and for which (as to the claim of sovereignty) legality does not necessarily apply.  It can also impose a moral responsibility on the country claiming it.

  The United States of America is such a "Sovereign". 

   We answer to no other country, political body other than our own or to any other earthly power. Uniquely but not quite exclusively The United States officially acknowledges the highest power of all, that being of God the Creator of all things. This reality, even after enduring years of legal assault continues to permeate not only our government symbols, pronouncements and writings but also deep within the very fabric of the most important component of all, it’s people.

  History for centuries has held the expectation that a “Sovereign” also carried the responsibility for the care and protection of those who inhabit its boundaries. In fact, the United States Presidential oath of office directly speaks to and requires him or her to perform that very function which is to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. To perform such a deed requires the President to protect the citizens using any and all resources we provide. Failure to do so is derelict of duty and a violation of his or her oath of office.

  We as a nation bow to no other nation on earth.

  That’s what it means to be “Sovereign”. Our power is self-realized and personally achieved. We have a moral responsibility to defend ourselves and each other (the innocent) and rule our own nation and defend our own borders. Failure to do so evidentially weakens our claim to Sovereignty. We must demonstrate whenever necessary and as often as necessary that we are willing and able to carry out the mandate of our self-proclamation. 

  A few years ago I was incensed as I watched the President of the United States,” Barack Obama” literally bow to the dictator of a foreign government. It was caught on camera. As Commander in Chief his responsibility was to meet another head of state on equal ground regardless of his personal beliefs. As our Chief Executive his responsibility is to stand tall and represent our will and desires. He was given a complete and total pass on this gaff by the leftist press. This is a very dangerous place to which we have gone in this country. We are languishing in a “crisis of leadership” being led by people who’ve abdicated their duty and election. It is time to change that leadership and put fresh faces with strong voices back in office and take control of our future and our destiny.