Many of you know how outspoken I have been regarding the so called Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare. “Socialized” medicine has been a topic of political conversation for years. Many elected Senators and Representatives somehow believed that it would be an improvement over what we’ve had in our nation for many many decades. The problem is they are just plain “Wrong”.

  One of the “maxims” I put into my last book states, “When everybody owns it, nobody owns it.” What that means is that when it comes to personal items, issues and responsibilities in life there are just some needs you and I have that are best served individually. A group responsibility tends to ignore some in the group. Nobody is going to care for you better than you. You must be in control of them. That is a long way of saying; you will always lookout for yourself better than anyone else. Personal healthcare is a prime example of this. A committee or bureaucracy is focused on budgets; management etc. and all too often the bureaucrats forget their intended purpose. In an organization like this human beings become objects and are expendable in lieu of meeting bureaucratic goals, timelines and serving personal ambition.

“Ambition takes no prisoners.” ~ c.carter

  The tragedy with the Veterans Hospitals is a glaring example of what I am talking about. Governments are all about bureaucracies. It’s the only tool government has.

“When the only tool you have is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail.” ~ unknown

  It is the basis for what so many of us challenging the political status quo have been saying. Government is too big and when it gets too big, yes people can die. It sounds harsh but we are now staring at a prime example with the V.A. tragedy.

  This is a wake-up call for America. This next election is critical for every American no matter what political party with which you identify. We “do” need to make major changes so that all Americans can have access to the greatest healthcare system in the world but a giant bloated bureaucracy is NOT the answer. Personal choice is the answer.

  My opponent in the general election should I prevail in the August 7th primary will be Jim Cooper, TN-05. Jim voted for this bureaucracy every time the votes came up. I disagree with his vote and many others like this. The tragedy at the V.A. is a perfect example as to the reason why. It is a bureaucratic mentality misapplied and the result was people died.