Watch out, the internet has made it far more difficult to “schmooze” the truth, especially if you’re a politician. Combing the internet and yes even Jim Cooper’s own website you will find a plethora of Atta boys and hey look at me’s regarding Mr. Cooper’s mythological “conservatism”. Hopefully you’ve read my blog post “Jim Cooper and the Blue Dog Coalition” where I expose the mythology around the purported “Blue Dog” fiscal conservatives.


That’s right the BD’s actually claim to be fiscal conservatives but are anything but that. Just to be clear, the BD’s overall voting recored DOES expand government, entitlements and giveaways spending billions of tax payer dollars in the process. You see, there’s this pesky little thing called a voting record. Let’s look at some of Jim Coopers so called “Fiscal Conservatism”:

Omnibus Appropriations Bill (1/15/2014) This appropriations legislation establishes an overall spending level of $1 trillion in Fiscal Year 2014 which exceeds the discretionary spending caps established in the Budget Control Act of 2011. Congress is trading higher spending levels now for promises to cut spending in the future. Where have we heard that before? These spending cuts will likely never be realized. – Cooper voted YES, to spend the money. President Obama signed it into law.

Murray-Ryan Budget Deal (12/12/2013) (That cut benefits to our Veterans and exceeded the discretionary budget authority) - Cooper voted YES, to spend the money and jip the veterans.

Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act (9/19/2013)–HR 3120 provided REFORMS to the food stamp program and allowed for a safety net for struggling Americans while ensuring safeguards for tax payers - Cooper voted NO, to NOT be fiscally conservative.

The REINS Act (8/2/2013) - The REINS Act REQUIRED the Administration to receive approval from Congress before implementing a carbon tax. – COOPER voted NO, handing President Obama more power to regulate and spend. His vote hands more pseudo-legislative power to President Obama which will cost businesses more money to comply with government regulations. Irresponsible!

Full Faith and Credit Act (5/9/2013) – HR-807. This bill required the United States to acknowledge its past debts and pay them while making spending cuts needed to correct our fiscal imbalance. – COOPER voted NO, to NOT be fiscally conservative.

At a time when the so called BLUE DOG FISCAL CONSERVATIVES SUPPORT should have been effective in Congress, it wasn’t. This is because their membership has shrunk from 54 to 15 since the elections of 2008. The Blue Dogs are becoming extinct because of their out-of-control spending habits all the while telling voters they are fiscally conservative. They've played us like true politicians.

Remember these votes a while back? Blue Dogs were barking loudly for more spending and giveaways. The percentages represent the BD’s overall collective voting on the issue at the time. Again, not so fiscally conservative!


Fannie & Freddie Bailout - 100% voted for it.
TARP 63% - voted for it.
2009 Stimulus 91% - voted for it.
Cash for Clunkers 85% - voted for it.
2009 Obama Budget 74% - voted for it.
Auto Bailout 73% - voted for it.
ObamaCare 54% - voted for it (Including Cooper’s two votes FOR ObamaCare)

These are facts, unvarnished and well documented. Not so conservative after all, huh?

It’s time for new leadership in District 5 of Tennessee. Jim Cooper and the tax and spend politicians are driving this country into the ground and destroying our children’s and grand-children’s future.

Chris Carter is the best replacement for Jim Cooper in 2014. The people of District 5 have a real alternative to the irresponsible policies of the professional politicians.