The Obama Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services announced this week they expected 7.5 million Americans to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. ObamaCare. These numbers pale in comparison to the numbers needed to stabilize the “risk pool” for sustainable insurance coverage largely due to the fact they are most likely “fudged”. Here are more reasons why I think this:

   For government run programs, which most always run way over budget and behind schedule, this one has had plenty of both. $650 million dollars or more were wasted on the first failed attempt at the website alone. The controversy surrounding this egregious law from where it originated (in the Senate where appropriations constitutionally cannot originate) to the kickbacks, pork and payoffs to bride members of Congress to get them to vote for it were off the charts. Then Speaker of the House “pass it to find out what’s in it” Pelosi “deemed” the amended Senate bill passed in the House without actually taking a vote.

   This should have (and usually is) done when the legislation has been altered by either chamber. But nope, not this time. This highly unusual step moved the legislation of what was mostly a “rough draft” Senate bill to the President’s desk for signature. It was “scank-a-bus” ill conceived, two-minute-drill legislation and the proof of that is the 34 plus unconstitutional re-legislative changes (Oops! Not allowed by Presidents under our Constitution) made along the way. These “Presidents can’t write legislation” legislation changes were made no doubt for reasons of pure politics leading up to the critical mid-terms. To say this law is controversial is a nuclear understatement.

And guess what, my opponent Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper voted for it every single time. So much for the “Blue Dog” fiscal conservative who just helped propel the budget deficits through the roof.

   As you may or may not know, I am a 30 year plus veteran information technologist. Specifically I architect databases and develop the analytics and business intelligence that makes modern day computer systems and the internet work. As such writing ad hoc queries against databases is something I’ve done so much of I can pretty much do it in my sleep. The fact that the Dept. of HHS “cannot” produce the actual numbers for us now is a farce. If they had the data they could walk up to any number of the DBA’s (Database Administrators), give them the pseudo description of what they want and the DBA’s could crank out a query for it. I know I could.

   Think about it. If they had the numbers they claim it would be a huge boon for them. Do you really think they would not be all over the evening news and the internet bragging on their success and wagging the printed reports queried from the database? Of course they would. The reason they’re not is because they don’t have it. The system is not finished, or broken or both (probably both) and they don’t know if they even have all the data much less a way to produce accurate numbers. They’re probably still doing much of it by hand. Believe me, they will not collect premium and get the insurance companies paid doing it that way.