As it turns out Rep. Jim Cooper (TN05) a VERY LONG TERM professional politician is not so fiscally conservative after all. The so called Blue Dog Coalition in Congress (that he Co-Chairs) claims to be the bi-partisan voice for fiscal conservatism. Examining his actual voting record and the influence of the Blue Dogs (or lack thereof) is extremely revealing. Let’s take a look:

FACT: The Blue Dog Coalition was formed in 1995 as Americans woke up to the dangerous socialist policies of the political left and voted many of the tax and spend politicians out of office. The BD’s tried to re-invent themselves as conservatives and formed the group with a mission statement of “fiscal conservatism.”

FACT: Jim cooper is a Co-Chairmen and has been a member since the early days.

FACT: Blue Dog numbers in the House shrank from 54 members in 2008 to 26 in 2010 when the people rose up and voted many of the conservative wanna-be’s out of office.

FACT: Following the 2012 House elections, the Blue Dog Coalition nearly collapsed. It is now down to about 15 members, a far cry from 54. See a trend here? The BD’s have been relegated to a corner of political irrelevancy. Why? The reason is they are actually voting with the extreme political left 8 out of 10 times (Including Mr. Cooper), especially when it comes to increased government spending.

The Declining Influence of the "Blue Dog Coalition

  These graphs prove the BD’s influence is shrinking as they've become increasingly out-of-touch with the rest of us in mainstream America. Their continued assertion about being fiscal conservatives is just “political cover” while they keep raising taxes and driving us deeper and deeper into debt.

111th Congress 112th Congress 113th Congress


  The myth is the Blue Dogs are the conservative wing of the Democrat party yet Jim Cooper is anything but that. Like a sailboat without a rudder he is adrift on a sea of political double-mindedness. He has changed position on a number of issues appearing to take a “conviction-less” approach as a leader in order to appease the ever changing winds of political correctness. He no longer supports the traditional family, something he once did. He has also voted in favor of aborting unborn American children and embryonic stem cell research.

Cooper WAFFLES again.

  In May of 2013 Cooper and other “Blue Dog” Co-Chairs sent a letter to President Obama condemning the IRS targeting of citizens for their political speech claiming he wanted the IRS investigated. THEN He voted AGAINST (HR-3865) in February of 2014, a bill to “Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014”.

  It would only take a smidgen of courage to stand up for the truth against the IRS bullying we’ve witnessed in recent days.

Cooper voted for the “Astronomically Expensive” government takeover of health care known as ObamaCare TWICE which eroded Americans “right of choice” to their Doctors and resulted in millions being thrown off of their health insurance plans. As a result it doubled or tripled existing premium rates in the process for other Americans. Keep in mind this is just round one from 2014. More Obamacare nightmares lie ahead in 2015.

Jim Cooper's voting record is NOT (fiscally) conservative. Period. The Blue Dogs have become dinosaurs… and that’s a FACT.

Chris Carter is the best replacement for Jim Cooper TN05. The people of District 5 have a real alternative to the irresponsible policies of the professional politicians.