Now that our campaign is up and running and word is getting out that I am officially a candidate for Tennessee’s 5th District U.S. Congressional seat, some of my acquaintances have asked, “Are you crazy?” I smile and tell them, “Perhaps”. I’ve been a voter/spectator my entire adult life, sitting in the stands watching one political contest after another unfold with increasing absurdity.

“Politics is the place where grown adults act like children…” ~ c.carter

   The irony of such a revelation is that this farcicality of political play is being perpetrated by those intent on leading us. What’s up with that? What happened to character, integrity and actual love of country? Those things are more than just lip service, I can tell you that for sure.

“Within the realm of politics the spirit of getting even is the enemy to getting it done…” ~ c.carter

   This political nonsense does work through election cycles unless and/or until it crosses a threshold of voter tolerance, a threshold it appears Washington’s “professional political gang” has now crossed. Once that happens the sleeper is awakened.

  This my friend is one of the primary reasons I’ve “volunteered” to leave a successful private consultancy and enter this political race. It’s as if many of our leaders have taken leave of their senses and the people are now awake and ready to “storm the booth” in November to effect REAL change this time. Most are convinced the only solution is to “vote the bums out!” I could not disagree. The game is afoot.

“When power is left unguarded, fools rush in to claim it…” ~ c.carter

  While we weren’t looking, fools sneaked into office. One could hardly deny that many of the political stunts we-the-people have witnessed in the recent past where not completely ridiculous in nature, childish in origin and unbecoming to the offices to which we elected our officials. Shutting down memorials? Claiming millions of jobs would be lost only to find out later it was yet another manipulating lie? Allegedly placing political fortunes ahead of constitutional duty and letting four brave Americans die in a terrorist attack? Lying to the American people in order to pass major activist legislation? Using the power of government to target citizens simply because they exercise a fundamental constitutional right? It’s no wonder the sleeper has awakened. These revelations are more than absurd and it is why so many have started using the word “tyranny”.

Nothing frightens a politician as much as angry voters.

  Elections are where the rubber meets the road. Voting is the most powerful force you and I can exert to protect, defend and in this case I fear, “to save” our way of life. Apathy is not an option, not anymore. It’s time to put citizen legislators in office. Men and women from among us with “real world” experience at problem solving, who are not aligned with the Washington political machine and remove those who would exploit us and the power we loan them.