As a 30+ year veteran of the information technology business I can assure you the data on Lois Lerner’s hard drive was likely recoverable. Business as well as government has become fully reliant on electronic mail and the information trafficked through these systems is the property of the system owner. In this case it belongs to the American people. The courts have affirmed this about email in general not to mention government regulations regarding the behavior of government agencies and management of information about the people’s business.

  These hard drives have physical platters that spin at 7200 rpm. This is where the data is actually recorded, updated etc. In most cases the drive controllers (usually mounted on the bottom of the drive) fail but the platter remains intact which means the data was readable. If the platter itself developed “lesions” still the vast majority of information was still readable. Data recovery companies do this all the time. Unless the machine caught on fire they could have recovered most if not all of the Outlook Archive file(s).

  This whole political storyline has become laughable. This is a corrupt government cover-up in full bloom and our leaders have put themselves and their ambitions ahead of their sworn duty to serve in the offices to which they were elected.

Again, this is another example of our Crisis of Leadership in America.

  If it were one or two curiosities about information and actions taken by the IRS in this whole “targeting” scandal it might slip by us but the list of irregularities must now be measured in “feet”. There is way too much smoke around this issue for there not to be a fire.