First, I want to extend my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the families of those victims in this horrific and barbaric tragedy. This senseless loss of life not only injures and permanently alters their lives but also harms us all considering it was a civilian passenger transport on a routine flight.

While this story continues to unfold it is quickly becoming apparent this was an act of separatist-terrorist groups backed by the Russian government and President Putin. Russia is “destabilizing” the region to create opportunity for seizing more power and control in a long term effort to re-constitute the former Soviet Union.

President Putin continues to ignore the international community and the rule of law exploiting the opportunity of “weak” leadership by the United States. Weakness invites incursion. Indecision is a show of “weakness” and unbecoming to those who aspire to lead others. The United States of America is “slipping” in its call to be the global leader on the world stage. This erosion is occurring from within, is becoming indentured and is a threat to our national security, sovereignty and way of life.

As we approach this election season I encourage every American citizen to get out and vote for men and women of strong character and conviction who unapologetically stand for our great nation, its prosperity and influence both domestically and abroad.

Chris Carter, Candidate - United States Congress – TN05