July 22nd, 2014

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ruled 2-1 that the IRS exceeded its authority in extending subsidies to those who purchase insurance through the health exchange website.

This is still more evidence and example of this administration's reach for power and to what is begining to look more and more like a "careless disregard" for the will of the people to direct their own government. I am satisfied with the court's decision in honoring and upholding our Constitution.

The outcome of this decision may prove to be difficult for those who've already received subsidies due to the Executive Branch exceeding its authority. The magnitude of the A.C.A. and the belief that government can effectively "take over" running the American HealthCare system is increasingly problematic. It would appear still more Americans are now going to be burdened by the government's actions.

It is my belief that Obamacare will never deliver on the grandiose promises that were made about it and Americans will suffer the consequences. We can and should "repeal" this horrendous law and replace it with a "Free Market" based solution that restores "Freedom of HealthCare Choice" including choosing and keeping your own doctor. We can provide subsidies for Americans based on low income levels and cover pre-existing conditions. Free markets always work best.