Much has been said (and written) in the last several years about the direction of our country and problems stemming from cultural differentiation. The severe economic downturn in 2008 triggered mostly by discrete corporate colossus and government over-regulation had the same effect it usually does in such man-made crises, that being, lower income families were hit hardest. More often than not, these families tend to be among the minority ethnic groups in America.

  Examples of this exist in “pockets” around U.S. District 5 in Tennessee where I am a candidate for Congress this year. Statistics among these groups of American citizens are undeniable when examined in light of crime rates, teen birth rates and income levels (et al. crime and teen birth rates are high and income levels are disproportionately low).

  As a result when we consider the socio-economic impact on these American’s lives the forecasted outcomes are very alarming. When the basic necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter and hope for the future) are delayed and/or deprived, people seek other means to acquire them. Among youth this can and too many times does take an aberrant course and direction, especially when exacerbated by fatherless homes where formerly teenage mothers themselves are struggling just to make ends meet. The crisis snowballs and perpetuates itself from one generation to the next.

  This string of circumstances is the by-product of what is called a “cascading social failure”. To solve the problem the root cause must be identified and remedied. Otherwise we waste time and money “plucking the fruit” instead of “severing the root”.

  Reuben Dockery of BFC Missions in Nashville (who has advised our Campaign on these issues) has put together a Public Forum on Crime Prevention and Economic Development. His “Crime Intervention Advocacy Campaign” is focused on crime prevention by dealing with the root causes mentioned above. This information is “Critical” if we want to be successful in reaching the next generation and continue to invest in their successful futures. We simply MUST NOT just tell them we care but “Show them” also.

This effort is whole heartedly endorsed by our Campaign and needs your involvement and support. Together, “We CAN Make a Difference!”

Please follow this link to learn more.